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Snookah Dive

Our most popular tour!

  • Most Popular!
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$ 65

SNOOKAH is a system designed to link the joy of snorkeling AND scuba diving.

It allows anyone, from non-swimmers to certified divers, to experience the underwater world together without wearing heavy equipment. Here at AQUAMAN VI, we have a true passion for the sea and exploring the waters of the Virgin Islands. The best part about what we do is share the underwater beauty with you. And we feel the best way to explore the underwater world is with SNOOKAH diving.

How it works:

Your tank floats at the surface in a safety raft and you are connected via your air hose (or “hookah line”) and a light-weight harness. You’re allowed 20 feet maximum depth – however, one of the best features of Snookah is that each diver may stay at different depths – whatever you are comfortable with! This makes it a perfect family or group activity. Snookah is also great for those interested in scuba diving but want to ease into the activity. Experience Snookah on your next Virgin Islands vacation!

We Snookah dive at Cane Bay, on St. Croix’s north shore amongst brilliant soft corals, tropical fish, sea turtles, and much more! Book your Snookah adventure today!

Snookah Details

  • Ages 10 and up
  • No experience necessary!
  • This tour is two hours long which leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy other activities on St. Croix!