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Aquaman Virgin Islands

Breathe with ease, under the sea!

Featured Snorkels

$65 – per person 

SNOOKAH is a system designed to link the joy of snorkeling and scuba diving. It allows anyone, from non-swimmers to certified divers, to experience the underwater world together and without wearing heavy equipment. How it works:  Your tank floats at the surface in a safety raft – you are connected via your 20 ft. regulator hose (or “hookah line”).

 $89 – One Tank Guided

Ever wanted to try scuba diving, but don’t have time for certification training? Discover Scuba is for you! We teach you the basics and review your equipment, then take you on an exciting one tank dive at Cane Bay, accompanied by an instructor the whole way. Get ready for an exhilarating experience!

Experience the thrill of the underwater world!

Join the team at AQUAMAN VI and breathe with ease, under the sea! Our priority is to make your underwater snorkel or scuba adventure a truly memorable experience. Our most popular tour, SNOOKAH diving, is also the easiest, safest, and most FUN! Our headquarters are located at Cane Bay beach, known for it’s laid back style, soft, white sand, and spectacular diving and snorkeling.

“Best Dive in St. Croix!”

“My buddy and I, who are both experienced divers, recently booked a trip with the Aquaman “Aaron” and quickly learned he more than lived up to that name! We dove multiple wrecks off the west end of the island in butler bay and would recommend to any fellow divers! The only thing better than the beauty of the reef, clarity of water and sea life was the service. When I return again he will be first and only call to dive here again.” – Cory D.